About Us

Give Sunshine CEOHi, my name is Angela, and I am the creator of “Give Sunshine" Boxes. I first got the idea when my friend moved away, she was homesick and having a hard time. I wished that I could be there to brighten her day. Having a child and a baby on the way, I couldn’t just fly out to see her, so I thought it would be so cute to send her a little box of sunshine.

I made the box and it came out so cute I thought I should try to sell them. Everyone needs a sunshine box! I sold a few boxes here and there but it wasn't until this last year, when I had some health issues and had to stop being a hairstylist, that I really realized their value. I loved doing hair because it made people happy and feel good about themselves. It was hard for me to not be able to do logohair anymore and not see how excited everyone got afterwards. That feeling motivated me.

I decided to start selling the boxes again. I added more items to choose from and it just started taking off! I started receiving emails saying how thankful people were for the boxes and how it cheered up their friends and family members when they needed it most. I have Moms telling me how homesick their sons or daughters were, and how excited they got when they received their college care packages.

I constantly have wives and husbands thanking me for sending a little piece of home to their loved one in the military. It is amazing how much happiness the boxes are bringing everyone and I am able to get that joy again from making others feel good. When I write out the custom notes for people and see the sweet messages they are sending to their loved ones it just brightens my day and reminds me how many good loving people there are out there. Everyone deserves to know they are thought of and loved. It brings me joy putting the boxes together and knowing it will make someone smile. I hope I can do this for years to come.